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Power Press Inspection Services

Power Presses are power driven mechanical presses which have a flywheel and clutch and are used wholly or partly to work cold metal. Typical presses include interlocking guards, fixed guards, light guards, guillotines from printing works and factories.

The inspection frequencies for power presses and press brakes noted in our chart relate to items with interlocking, automatic or photo-electric guards. These must be subject to a thorough examination every six months. Items with fixed fences must be examined at 12 monthly intervals. There is no flexibility in the regulations to apply a risk based approach to power press examinations. Hydraulic presses do not fall into the scope of PUWER part IV but are treated as such for best practice.

At the initial thorough examination of a new or second-hand press or one which has been re-located the competent person will ask for basic information, before the start of the examination, on the electrical control system, including:

Our engineers will examine the press and its safeguards to establish that they are safe to use and will advise on the requirement for dismantlement so that specific components can be examined.  Every effort will be made to fit in with maintenance schedules for the examination of parts that require dismantlement.

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