Anglia Inspection Services Limited are one of the independent companies
who offer an Engineering Inspection Service which is carried out
by highly qualified and experienced surveyors
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History of Anglia Inspection Services

Anglia Inspection Services Limited was founded in 2005 as an independent company for all types of engineering inspections.

We are based in Colchester Essex and cover all areas in the South East England.

Our disciplines covered are in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibilities.

The main core of our business consists of inspecting and verifying all Health and Safety issues in all types of businesses delivering compliance reports and services which includes consultancy.

Our aims are to create added value to our customers in risk management and performance optimization.

We help companies comply with a wide range of legislation through independent in-service examinations of all types of plant and machinery.

We also go beyond compliance using our extensive knowledge and experience to find better ways to manage risk and engineering services.

Anglia Inspection Services Ltd has the technical expertise and experience to handle all types of engineering inspections our surveyors have many years’ experience in engineering and are all trained to provide a quality all round service.

Anglia Inspection Services Ltd are always available to meet and discuss your particular requirements and to provide the services that YOU the customer desire.

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