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Play Parks Inspection Services

As a playground operator you have a responsibility to the public to keep your play areas in a safe condition. In addition to physical safety, aspects of Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination legislation should also be addressed. This entails periodic inspection, maintenance, risk assessment and a one-off DDA audit - not just of the equipment, but of the whole site.  Personnel performing tasks as part of safety management, such as inspection, repair and maintenance, should be competent and must be provided with adequate information about their tasks, responsibilities and authority.  The level of competence necessary will vary with the task involved and should only be carried out by appropriately qualified personnel.

An overall inspection of all aspects of your site should be carried out once a year, ideally by an independent inspector.  Anglia Inspection Services has inspectors who will check all your playground equipment and submit a written report with recommendations for any necessary maintenance or remedial work.

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